As Beyond Wonderland Bay Area and Nocturnal Wonderland event dates approach us, here’s some interesting news regarding the company behind these events and others such as the Electric Daisy Carnival. It would appear that Insomniac Events may have a sea cruise experience in the making, after issuing an ‘E.D.SEA’ category as one of their patented trademarks back in December 17th, 2012.

This was stated under the description (See the Full Document Here):

“Arranging of cruises; Arranging of tours and cruises; Boat cruises; Organizing and conducting adaptive travel excursions, namely, boat cruises for individuals; Travel, excursion and cruise arrangement

Arranging, organizing, conducting, and hosting social entertainment events; Entertainment in the nature of live music concerts, disc jockey concerts, musical and artistic performances, music tours, carnivals, circuses, sporting events, dance parties, night clubs and art exhibitions; Organizing and arranging exhibitions for entertainment purposes.”

Looks like Insomniac will join HARD Presents, Coachella, The Groove Cruise and other concert promoters who have all taken their premiere experiences to the sea.

(Originally published September 2013)

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