Tonight in New York city, hip-hop artist J. Cole threw a surprise fans-only event at the Gramercy Theatre.

Earlier in the day, Cole announced his plans via his personal social media accounts, telling fans to come to Gramercy Theatre at 6 p.m EST. Though he didn’t reveal much, the post listed out a set of rules such as: no phones, cameras, bags, press list, or guest list, suggesting something big was going to be revealed. Along with changing his social media profile image to a shade of purple, Cole also tweeted out “It’s Time.”

Turns out during the surprise concert, Cole did in fact play his new album titled K.O.D.. According to Sony Music Entertainment’s Brian “B.Dot” Miller, Cole played the entire 12-track album, which he states was recorded in just two weeks. Miller also revealed what K.O.D. could potentially stand for: Kidz on Drugz, King Overdose, or Kill Our Demonz, and a track title off the album, “1985.” Shortly after, Cole revealed the album would be dropping this Friday, April 20.

Check out some clips below.

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