Jacob Didas wrote and released Rise for free in 2019. The Buffalo native has been producing and releasing his music on SoundCloud for over 8 years now. For listeners who enjoy the style of rap and indie pop that Macklemore championed, Jacob Didas is a new artist you should be listening to. Intelligent lyrics layered over different types of beats and music, Jacob Didas rides the thin line between hip hop and psychedelic beats naturally and with ease. Rise is comprised of 6 tunes, carefully crafted and features Victoria Campbell on two of the tracks. Throughout the album, you hear messages of self-discovery, healing, escape and just overall good tunes.

“We are all, in our own way, struggling to make sense of our place in the world. My love for music was, truly, about as intense as the depression which plagued me for years. Music for me has been a tool for expressing this intense journey and important lessons that have guided me out of that place and find balance.”

Jacob Didas began his journey in music at the young age of 10, where piano lessons evolved into music production as time went on. While he works as psychiatric nurse in the military, music is Didas can put his mind to ease and put his emotions into the music we hear today. He hopes to blend his current profession with his music passion by opening up his own care facility where the two fields can fuse and treat anxiety and depression.

Listen to Rise down below!

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