Jauz isn’t afraid to go back to his roots, and his latest announcement of shows promises just that. The hilariously titled “Bite America” Tour has more of a UK flavor to it than anything. In addition to his own set, he will be supported on the two month tour with Skepsis and Holy Goof- two producers who have never spun in the states before.

Holy Goof is already keen to what makes a dancefloor tick. In addition to releasing on Jauz’s label, he just released a collaboration with Chris Lorenzo. He has a load of originals to unleash on the Bite America dancefloor and represent the sound of Bite This.

Skepsis is also packing heavy ammo for this tour, having just released an EP with legendary UK Grime MC P-Money. Both artists play UK Bass, a genre with attributes you can hear to this day in a load of Jauz’s own productions. The headlining act had a lot to say about why this tour in particular means so much to him:

From this testiment and the lineup, we can already tell this will be a show that will please the hardcore fans, addict the newer ones, and treat all involved to a deeper dive into the sounds of UK’s nightlife. Plenty of restless folks(us included) want to hear a tour announcement in their area sooner than later. Rest assured, this is only phase one.

You can find all current tour dates including Exchange LA AND Academy below. Sales for that batch are on sale this Friday at 10AM.



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