Jeffrey Sutorius, previous member of electronic music trio Dash Berlin, left the group back in 2018, citing issues in the group. He began creating music under his own name, releasing it in the fall.

Issues continued with his former creative partners, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg. Then in 2019, He “reclaimed” the Dash Berlin name back. Molijn and Kalberg decided to part ways with the project and gave full creative control to Sutorius. Dash Berlin released what was to be their final track, “Locked Out Of Heaven,” with Jonathan Mendelsohn, in March 2019.

In June, Sutorius thanked his lawyer, friends, and family, alluding to a difficult battle over the likes of the name.

Now, it appears that the name that he fought so hard for is no longer his. He announced on his social media pages in a statement:

“Unfortunately, it has been sentenced last week that the Dash Berlin trademarks must be transferred to my former partners in Dash Berlin and that as of March 17th I cannot use the name Dash Berlin, as I’ve done in the past 13 years, any longer. I know this seems weird and to me personally it feels very unfair, but it is something that I have to accept and deal with for now. Therefore, from today onwards, I will be performing, producing, and releasing exactly as you are used to, under my own name, JEFFREY SUTORIUS, and no one will ever be able to take that name away from me.”

The name of Dash Berlin has gone back to Kalberg and Molijn, and Sutorius will release music under his name.

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