In a turn of events, Dirtybird co-founder Justin Martin does indeed have his USB stick full of new music back with him where it belongs. The person who stole Justin Martin’s USB stick during a Dirtytbird Quarterly event in San Francisco decided to do the right thing and mail it back to him. In the post explaining what happened, Martin clarified what was inside the USB stick in question; though he had backups, that drive in particular contained important music that Martin wanted to play for the quarterly. Knowing this, the thief was warned not to do anything funny with the music that very well could be in his possession. Also, since their identity is known, Martin suggested he not attend Dirtybird events for a long while.

Read the whole thing below:

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  1. Anonymous

    That fucking trash. It’s fun grooving 2 feet from your favorite artists I hope this doesn’t change that.


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