How do you go from not having clue what to play…less than a day or so before your set? This was the issue Laidback Luke had upon arriving in his hotel room at Mandalay Bay during EDC Week. Luckily, several years on the club and festival circuits happen to be under his belt. In his latest Youtube VLOG, he details his track selection process on the morning of his set: utilizing comments sections,, and a hotel memo pad, he makes a master plan for considering requests along with his latest tracks. Most importantly though, he talks about getting hair product so that he doesn’t have to wear a hat during his sets.

In addition to fan requests, he also had folders from his A&Rs at his own label Mixmash Records as well as a folder from Tommie Sunshine with love. The end process of the session culminated in his DJ software, in which he sets cue points for himself so that he can quickly mix in a track as appropriate. When exactly will it be appropriate? Wonderful question…the answer for LBL only comes during his set. “These tracks are in no particular order,” he says. “Ultimately I’m going to see what the energy needs, see what the crowd needs, see what the vibe needs.” Smart words to be sure, and from there the rest is immortalized in the live recording of the set, fan videos, and the memories of thousands who were at Kinetic Field to experience the set themselves.

Listen to his EDC Vegas 2017 set down below!

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