The always creative Daniel Goldstein, AKA Lane 8, went the extra mile to increase the engagement at his intimate shows. Not everyone may agree with the notion of completely limiting access to technology, but the cold turkey effect was a smart move to help people realize the beauty of being fully present at a club.

The adept Dance musician detailed the essence of his project when he announced it in April:

“I think our society needs clubbing experiences where they go home with more than just a picture to post on instagram. That’s why I’m starting This Never Happened – I want to create that experience for people. At This Never Happened, we invite you into a space where the only thing that matters are the people in that room, the music and the magic that happens when those things interact. An event where the dancefloor will be a phone and photo-free space. This experience we share together may, by 2016 standards, have never happened. But those who dare will always know – something special did happen here.”

The first event took place June 3rd to wide success and raised the question: how can these values translate to future shows? While some are a bit too hooked to their technology, others do find value in capturing smaller moments on their camera both of a great stage and of their friends having a great experience. When used correctly, your personal technology can actually enhance the experience.

If you get a chance to attend Lane 8’s This Never Happened show, it would be a great opportunity to understand what the feeling of being free of your screen is like, carrying that intention to shows you go to, and spreading the good and liberated feeling one has when they’re just focused on the action.

…but please don’t pull a Diplo and throw someone’s phone across a crowd.

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