BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend was the destination of 21-year-old Callum Gill, who made the sad decision to consume an excessive amount of MDMA. Gill reportedly suffered multiple heart attacks after consuming nearly 2.4 grams of drugs, seizing on the doubles decker to the festival, and died hours later in the hospital.

An off-duty nurse battled to save the “talented” student after a policewoman and another passenger carried him off the bus. Calum, who was weeks away from graduating with a degree in Law and European studies, died hours later in hospital after suffering three heart attacks.

“Levels above 1,800 are in the toxic range and anything beyond that can be fatal,” said Pathologist Dr. Laszlo Karsai to the Hull coroner’s court. He further remarked that this law student was “on the cusp of life with the world at his feet.” Gill passed away with his family from Birmingham at his bedside.


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