Miami based duo, Läzro & Travis Gibb, might just the worldwide support they’re looking for after releasing this empowering single ‘Take Me Home’. With current political climate, ‘Take Me Home’ delivers a powerful message sang by the talented Kyra B and becomes another outlet for the social fairness issues to be heard loud and clear. A close listen to the lyrics will remind us all of the struggles and boundaries that women are fighting for in the ongoing stride towards social fairness.

The message in ‘Take Me Home’ is brought into the music world through Kyra’s collaboration with music producers Läzro and Travis Gibb. They provide a euphoric and calm tropical house production that is guided by the soulful voice of Kyra. Both producers come from talented pools of influences with Travis Gibbs being mentored and inspired by his father Barry Gibb from the former Bee Gees. The two producers connected when Läzro landed experience as an intern and studio tech at ‘Middle Ear Studios’, and find themselves producing music together.

‘Take Me Home’ is a forthcoming release on Global Heist Recordings. Check it out down below!

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