New York-based musician, Les Techno, has returned to our airwaves with an instant summer classic, Make You Feel Good. A downtempo rock song with sardonic tones found in the song’s lyrics. It’s the perfect culmination and blend of rock music meets electronic music. Pulsing with emotion, the song message sings about affairs of the heart that many of us can strongly relate to. Firing on all cylinders, Make You Feel Good is a show-stopping song you’ll be hitting the repeat button on all summer long.

“Its loosely based on something I know too much about.” 

Les Techno has had his hands deep in the pockets of the New York rocker scene. As a seasoned guitar player, Les Techno found himself in a variety of bands before embarking on a solo project. He had a brief stint and interest to explore the elements of jazz that have only added to his repertoire. His successful career has put him through various project including Run DMC, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mobb Deep, and the late legendary funkmaster Bernie Worrell.

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