While you weren’t looking, Life in Color has been at the top of its game, conquering every big and semi-big city in the states in a couple of years. This conquest is one of many reasons it’s captain Steven Solono is now running the show for future iterations of TomorrowWorld and Electric Zoo as CEO of Made Events.

“These past couple days in New York, we’ve already been discussing what went well, and what didn’t go well. As you said, Electric Zoo reinvented itself this year and it was hugely successful for both us and the fans, so going into next year, I don’t foresee us having to reinvent the wheel again, but it’s also not going to be a copy/paste approach either — we have to continue to have balls. A lot of things happened, for example, with TomorrowWorld that were out of our control. So we need to make sure that we find the proper way of letting the fans know that we care, and that we were devastated more than they were. Because the TomorrowWorld team worked so hard year round to produce an amazing festival, and then the weather comes in and the roads couldn’t handle some rain, and next thing you know, it turned into a tragedy. So there’s some serious challenges of figuring out how are we going to roll this out next year. What are the improvements that need to happen? Obviously, we can’t just write a check for $10 million and rebuild new roads on our own. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into that.”

Don’t go sending him letters yet, but expect many changes, starting off with a big focus on promoting the good vibes of his events. Considering Life in Color’s flagship Miami event is positioned to be top of its game this year, it’s gonna be clear skies for his new prospects.

SOURCE: Billboard

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