Lightning in a Bottle, North America’s premiere multi-faceted boutique festival, announced its Learning & Culture programming, offering festival-goers a complete look into the educational classes, keynote speakers, and workshops for its Memorial Day Weekend event.

Lightning in a Bottle’s Compass environment will play host to the ethos fueling the event’s cause-driven educational programming, providing attendees with an opportunity to align themselves with the core of its founding principles. Throughout the weekend, LIB attendees will have access to over 80 workshops, performances and more, across six immersive ritual spaces. Knowledge-seekers can dip into talks and discussions such as Receiving Instructions from the Non-Human World; The ET Presence & New Humanity; Social Media, Sex & Shame; Art, Activism, Animism: Modern Revolution via Ancient Ritual; Manifesting Greatness via Sensuality & Radical Self Love; and Fire Adapted Communities: Building a Wildfire Resilient Future. Offerings also include Rites of Lightning Ritual Theater; Lightwork for Black Lives: Spiritual Justice Ceremony; Designing Your Regenerative Future; Ancestral Arts: Friction Fire, Knife Skills & more; and Navigating the Paradigm Shift with Archetypal Astrology.

The event has curated an eclectic roster of educators to guide attendees through their festival experience. Top-tier thought leaders include holistic wellness expert Queen Afua of the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage program, radical mycologist Paul Stamets, the godparents of visionary culture Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, and global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion.

Innovative, interactive workshops continue with Dance Church from legendary choreographer Fatima Robinson, a local indigenous Pow Wow demonstration from the Tejon Indian Tribe Dance Troupe, a traditional Mayan Cacao offering from elders Tata Pedro and Marina Cruz, and a Kundalini yoga experience from beloved teachers Jai Dev Singh and Simrit. Additional visionary offerings in alternative education include a deep-dive into living mythology from Compass curators Isis Indriya and Eve Bradford; Balinese water purification blessing and ceremony from High Priestess Ida Resi Alit; and a discussion on social media for social good from Instagram muse and modern mystic Nat Kelley.

Lightning in a Bottle has partnered with organizations to connect the world created within the event to the world beyond. These partners include Living Village Culture, Extinction Rebellion, Kiss the Ground, Le Ciel Foundation, MAPS, Lifeforce Academy, NEXUS Global, Wellness Official, Water Now, Amazon Watch, and Psychedelic Journeys. Throughout the year, festival attendees can get involved with these partners who take direct action in alignment with the principles and philosophies that Lightning in a Bottle represents. They have lent their knowledge and expertise to assist LIB in creating a well-rounded and vibrant program through which festival-goers can mold and nourish their own beliefs and forge their own path, using the tools and thought-processes that have been provided to them during their stay at Buena Vista Lake.

It is this dedication to education, health and healing that distinguishes Lightning in a Bottle as an immersive music festival for the ages. LIB is defined by its commitment to broadening the minds of those that attend, allowing their community to flourish through the introduction of global cultures, modern-day applications of ancient practices, and authentic connection and belonging.

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