Lightning in a Bottle, the colorful festival put on my The DoLab every May, has shifted.

In an announcement sent out yesterday to their email subscribers and posted on their website, LIB took festival goers slightly by surprise by not only announcing a change in location but a change in date.

The festival had been held at the San Antonio Recreation Center in Bradley, central California. LIB stated that while “they had been looking forward to having LIB in Bradley for many years to come,” it was no longer possible. The lake had begun receding from the festival grounds again. In addition to California’s perpetual drought, camping festivals often run into environmental issues (Glastonbury takes every few years off just so the grounds can replenish from the damage). Taking the change as a “catalyst to evolve, grow, and seek greener pastures,” Lightning in a Bottle took the opportunity to change its location. While they have not announced the new venue due to finalizing the last details, they did state that it will still be in central California.

The venue shift led to its second change. The festival, which has been traditionally held over  Memorial Day weekend, has moved up two weeks. It will now be taking place on May 8-13, 2019, due to the fact that the venue is not available during the holiday weekend. While this gives less time for everything to get set up, LIB’s statement was optimistic.

Planning is in full swing and we already see many wonderful opportunities for upgrading the LIB experience at its new home and will be hard at work for the next few months creating this new LIB wonderland.

We’re optimistic for a great outcome, but we still need the support and trust of you all, our powerful and positive LIB community. Please take a moment to help us visualize a beautiful LIB this May. Imagine yourself with your friends, families and lovers, surrounded by music and art, making that LIB magic together.

As a result of the change, they rescheduled the EarlyBird sale dates and are hoping to announce the new venue in the next 2-3 weeks.

Read the full statement here.


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