Two of the world’s preeminent names in global dance music, MK & Dom Dolla, are set to release the most anticipated track of the 2023 – ‘Rhyme Dust’. It was, in the end, a tidal wave of fan appetite and demand that reshaped record label plans and brought the track to the forefront of 2023. In the case of ‘Rhyme Dust’ – the fans won.

Set for release on Friday, February 24th, ‘Rhyme Dust’ was unofficially unveiled in July 2022 when Dom Dolla and MK began road testing the track on the world’s biggest stages including Creamfields, EDC, CRSSD, Ushuaia, Printworks, and Brooklyn Mirage. The collaboration was reshaped and refined taking various iterations, each version, however, continued to elevate the iconic sample from Q-Tips ‘Breathe & Stop’, a much-loved hip-hop classic.

On November 24th, 2022, Dom Dolla made his Selected Sessions debut, positioned on the rooftop of a high-rise apartment building in Belgrade, Serbia. Among the 1.5 hours of music performed, one track caused an unprecedented fan reaction – Rhyme Dust. Within 24 hours ‘Rhyme Dust’ had found an insatiable audience on Tiktok. The hashtag #rhymedust was viewed over 8M times, and a ripped audio version broke into the top 5 Soundcloud viral charts.

By January 2022, the fan demand for ‘Rhyme Dust’ became so intense, MK and Dom Dolla requested all inquiries be directed to management. This ‘tongue-in-cheek’ comment gathered more momentum causing an avalanche of DMs, comments, and emails directed at both artist’s teams furiously demanding a release date.

Dom: “Marc and I have been friends for a few years now, his influence on me as a producer and DJ over the years is immeasurable. Getting the nod from Q-Tip himself is something I’m very grateful for. As a combination, this rude tune has a very special place in my heart.”

MK adds: “Dom and I wanted to make a song together because we both respect and love each other’s work. It started out as something fun just to play in our sets, but then we got bullied by the public to release it. So here it is, enjoy!”

‘Rhyme Dust’ is a genre-bending earworm. It is as much an homage to classic hip-hop as it is a house record. Its distinctive qualities have made it instantly recognizable, crowds can be heard singing it back at live shows word for word. ‘Rhyme Dust’ is a true collaboration and a melting of minds between two of the most prolific producers of dance music today.


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