You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Who TF is Schade?”. To simply put it, the next guy who is about to take house music by the balls. Based out of Los Angeles, Schade has been producing for nearly 6 years now and has dropped some of the dopest house tracks that EDM Twitter is really buzzing over. We first heard of Schade last February when he opened up for 4B at The Belasco. Fast forward to Summer 2018 and Schade is back at the 4B & Freinds Hollywood Palladium event as he will be going B2B with Stevie G. Schade also had the opportunity to remix 4B & Teez’s biggest songs ‘Whistle’, which is now out via Soundcloud. This dance floor banger will for sure have your ass grooving front to back and side by side. It’s that good!

Don’t believe us? Play it for yourself down below!

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