Ty Dolla $ign has officially dropped his highly anticipated single “Ego Death” today and it truly is a masterpiece. The song features a legendary group of musicians; FKA Twigs, Skrillex, and Kayne West. Ty Dolla released a statement accompanying the song saying, “‘Ego Death’ is a very special record. It’s always an honor working with my brother ‘Ye. He’s a genius and we make incredible records every single time we link up. Skrillex and Twigs came in and blessed us with the magic that only they can put on the record. I played it once at a house party and everyone went crazy. A clip leaked online and shit but that’s all good. I just had to find the right time to put it out, so I’m excited that it’s finally THAT TIME! My new album is done and it’s coming very soon. Shout to my fans for being patient while I made sure it was perfect, it’s worth the wait…it’s my best work yet. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!”

“You used to know how to love me right” rings through from Ultra Nate’s “Free” and then Ty Dolla’s signature beat drops as he dives into his journey losing love.

“Ego death is where you find happiness
That’s the only place you find happiness”

Once more in the interlude you hear “Free” ring. Kayne West then starts spitting verses calling out the Grammys, Superbowl, and other “halfway movements”. Through out the song you can hear the different music style mashups of Kayne, Ty and Skrillex keeping you hooked in and deep. As the song hits its finale you hear FKA Twigs with samples from Queen Latifah’s “Dance for Me”.

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