Lollapalooza had a slice of drama this weekend, but that hoopla was no match for one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend: Madeon’s new Good Faith live show. The debut performance was an hour long showcase of his own music, including his latest singles from the upcoming album of the same name and classics like his collaboration with Porter Robinson “Shelter.” He made sure to throw in some treats from his audience too, namely a slew of IDs whose titles are educated guesses: “Forever,” “Only There,” and “No Fear” being just a few. While the set is readily available to wear out to your heart’s content, the best way to experience Madeon’s brand new tunes is in front of a festival grade speaker. Check out a list of his upcoming dates here.

To warm you up, check out the full set an tracklist below.

Madeon – Dream Dream Dream (Intro Edit)
Madeon – All My Friends (Good Faith Live Edit)
Martin Solveig – The Night Out
w/ Madeon – Pay No Mind (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (No Fear)
Madeon – Dream Dream Dream
Madeon – Icarus (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – ID
Madeon – Imperium
w/ Madeon – You’re On
w/ Madeon – Pop Culture
w/ Madeon – OK (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Good Faith Live VIP)
Madeon – You’re On (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – ID (Only There)
w/ Madeon – Finale
Madeon – NYE 2019 ID
w/ Madeon – Dream Dream Dream (Good Faith Live Edit)
Madeon – Technicolor
w/ Madeon – Innoncence (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (Forever)
w/ Madeon – La Lune
w/ Madeon – Pixel Empire (Good Faith Live Mashup)
Madeon – ID (Miracle) (Good Faith Live)
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Live)
w/ Madeon – All My Friends (Good Faith Live Mashup)

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