New Venues in Las Vegas need to be the best venues to ever debut, and we’d say the Madison Square Garden Company’s newest prospect will fit right into that standard. This week the New York company signed their lease to the property they want to build in, meaning they have the okay to officially begin construction. The Las Vegas Sands corp is their local partner in the project, and will be dropping $75 million to help with the completion of the arena. The 360 dome that will project an image of the globe is going up North of the Venetian and Palazzo, placing it in a unique area but still adding to the Vegas Skyline. Though 2020 may seem like a long time, it’s going to hit us faster than we think.

MSG Sphere Las Vegas by the numbers

360: Height, in feet, of the sphere.

500: Width of sphere at widest point

800: Miles of dense fiber-optic cable going into the venue

300: Miles of copper cable supplementing the fiber-optic cables

18,000: Full capacity of venue. Every seat will face the stage

2018: Construction begins, second half of the year

2020: Venue opens, probably late in the year

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