It’s been confirmed that Major Lazer and Justin Beiber will be releasing new music together. So why have Diplo and Justin combined forces again? Maybe because their Jack Ü collaboration was so successful and super catchy. Then again it also awarded them with a Grammy for best electronic/dance track and that, of course, means big bucks. It’s no secret that Skrillex has worked with Beiber not only alongside Jack Ü, but helping out on Beiber’s album, “Purpose,” so it’s no surprise Justin is staying on the EDM route.

Now, Beiber, Diplo, Jillionare, and Walshy Fire collaborate on a track that will be expected to rock the dance floor with dancehall vibes. Maybe we’ll get a taste of it at this years EDC Las Vegas?

Usher originally found Beiber but Diplo is his second chance at stardom. I guess bye bye Usher and hello Diplo!

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