A lot of us have probably been faced with the decision to drop a commitment to go party. The U.K. is no different as a citizen worked to ditch an obligation that was indeed forced on him. That obligation is Jail.

Because he has purchased tickets to Creamfields, an Irish man (a 37-year-old Irish man) is asking for more lenient bail conditions that would allow him not only to attend the festival but to drink while there. The defendant, Remy Lafferty, is accused of murder by stabbing someone in the neck with an umbrella shaft.

Obviously, this request was denied. The court said: “I’m not prepared to let him attend a music festival where inevitably there will be irresistible and unpoliceable temptations.”

If you’re going to Creamfields this year, you can indeed rest easy knowing that you won’t be attacked by an umbrella.


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