What do Mariah Carey and Porter Robinson have in common? Probably nothing would be the answer to that question, until recently. Mariah Carey, the Glitter girl who most people think of around Christmas time when “All I Want for Christmas is You” is playing on the radio, has released her newest single, “GTFO.” The track is a preview from her upcoming album, and while the EDM community may not usually give the pop princess a listen, this one caught our eye. It seems Mariah has brought the two worlds together in her song with sampling.

What was that familiar music that we heard? None other than “Goodbye to a World,” by Porter Robinson.

Say it ain’t so…..but it is. The light, air soaring melody is sampled as the background to Carey’s song about a relationship gone wrong and an ex to hate for it. “Goodbye to a World” was a part of Porter’s Worlds album, released four years ago.

While we are not sure the basis of the two universes colliding in this case, there are whispers that Porter co-produced the song, which would be a surprise of a collaboration if we ever saw it. It is an interesting combination, and we will let you decide for yourselves whether you are for or against it. It makes us wonder what the rest of her album will entail, as she plans on releasing her lead single “With You” on October 5th. Give “GTFO” a listen below!

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