Another incident involving pyrotechnics in a nightclub had much more tragic effects, leaving 27 dead in Bucharest this past Friday. This was the last straw for Markus Schulz, who is taking action with his position to never use pyrotechnics at his own shows going forward. Pyro has been an added layer of intensity for many stage setups, but luckily they’re not an essential component. The more important thing to worry about is the safety of the people attending the event in question.

Dear friends,
Today I remain deeply affected by the tragic news from Romania last night, where 27 people died and over 200 remain injured because of a fire inside a nightclub.

When going out for an evening, the most important thing is to be in a safe environment. Sometimes the best experience about the scene we love is being able to share the memories with our friends the next morning.

Sadly, the event in Bucharest is only a small example of what has happened far too many times now, and I feel that we need to change, for the safety of all.

From now on, I will forbid the use of any flames, big or small, or pyrotechnics at any of my club shows. Yes, my job is to entertain, but the wellbeing of my fans exceeds any DJ set. The music; and the love for music outweigh any visual effect.

To my fellow DJs, artists, promoters, club owners and staff, and industry members, I encourage you to take the same stance. We must accept the responsibility and honor the safety of our followers.
Please keep those who are injured and have lost loved ones in your thoughts.

Let us unite and make a change for the better.


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