The future of Ultra is uncertain due to a new proposal. The music festival has taken place at Bayfront Park for most of its existence, but that could be cut short. On December 15th, two-plus City Commissioners of Miami had a discussion about the future of the park.

This discussion comes from a petition that states “since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud.”

In recent years, the Bayfront Park Management Trust booked an increasing number of these events in the park. Marked by lengthy set-up and tear-down periods, these events have become larger and much more disruptive to our residential community.

In addition to destroying the park’s environmental elements, including trees, turf and landscaping, these events regularly force thousands of Downtown residents to flee the area to avoid the unbearable noise, traffic, and alcohol/drug-related violence present at and around these events.

Although this comes from a petition online with people’s concerns at a priority, we will see what Miami chooses. We all know these big events help the city to build revenue, but at a cost for the community.

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