Out on June 18th, 2021, Southampton, UK-based Indie Lo-Fi artist Mike Gale  will release his 9th solo release, ‘Twin Spirit’. On this release, Gale takes on an entirely different approach to writing and production. Simply put, he’ll find a sample, build a melody, and thus begin to slowly create a new piece of art entirely by layering samples and manipulating sound design. He sings over all 10 tracks and you’ll find his voice cohesively produced within each track. ‘Twin Spirit’ shows off Mike Gale as free spirit with a care free attitude. Songs like ‘Awake Awake’ and ‘Don’t Mind The Devil’ will literally melt you away in a lullaby bliss.

“Twin Spirit is my 9th solo release. I wanted to find a new way of writing that excited me again so decided to work with just samples. I played bass on one song but apart from that everything else is a sample I found and manipulated to fit the songs. I found that this offered me a huge amount of freedom to do different styles and sing in different ways. I wasn’t bound by my limitations as a fairly poor musician. It was such a liberating experience for me”

Mike Gale’s critically acclaim works includes a back catalogue 18 albums, some of which were when he was a part of the Black Neilson and Co-Pilgrim. With so much time and work under his belt, Gale is still a hidden treasure in England’s plethora of talented artists and musicians. ‘Twin Spirit’ is yet another prolific notch under Mike Gale’s belt, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Listen to the album down below!

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