Eras end, and sadly this week’s news of Carl Cox leave Space Ibiza after an incredible residency comes with the changes in dance music that not too many favor of. The Incredibly humble and genuine Techno DJ remarks that because of Ushuaia’s takeover of the venue in 2017, the focus of the club will be a lot different and Cox will not want to be a part of that. The relationship he had with Pepe Rosello, the owner of space since 2001, would also be ending because his contract will expire; while this doesn’t mean Cox has to stop playing enough will be as good as a feast in terms of the memories made at the club for more than a decade.

“It’s not that I’m walking away from the club, because Pepe [Rosello], the owner of Space, his contract is up at the club. He’s going to be 80 years old and will officially be out. It gets handed over to Ushuaïa Group across the road and its manager Jan will be given the keys to run Space. And once that happens, everything changes. So I have no desire to stay in that club for any reason.

“My heart tells me I will not ever do that – because if Pepe’s not there, I am not there. We grew up together, we’ve been all the way through this together, and we’re going to finish together. And I’m quite happy about that, because it means we leave the legacy of a club that made a difference. We can walk away with that – the legendary status of what used to happen at Space when we were there – because no one else can emulate that, it’s not possible.”

Despite the Ibiza reign comi to an end, Cox will be helming his own festival in Australia in April of next year, so the music he shares will not stop.



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