This artist’s music takes me back to the massive Oregon Eclipse Festival in 2017. Described by his peers as one of the most innovative artists of our times, Mohamed Assani’s latest album is a surefire way to back up that claim. ‘Wayfinder’ is a 7 track album that provides new listeners a little audio snack of South Asian/Pakistani influences melding with electronic music elements.

‘Black Sugar’ is my personal favorite as it gives listeners a vibe similar to Flying Lotus and the ethereal sounds of the Brainfeeder label. You find that Mohamed is an exceptional sitar player as the instrument is found in every track on ‘Wayfinder’. ‘Lullaby for Guli’ pushes the envelop even more by adding basslines and synthesizers akin to that of modern bass music and dubstep

‘Wayfinder’ found huge support at the Indian Summer Festival streaming event this past April, where several hundred listeners tuned in to feel the music.

Give the album a listen down below!

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