We Are Your Friends, XOXO, what’s the next mainstream media outlet to portray the electronic dance music community? The answer to that questions is the new EDM TV show by MTV called, “Momentum.”

In a highly saturated media world, this show is setting themselves apart from the usual stereotypical view of the electronic music scene with a plot of its own. We follow a kid who’s music was released without his knowledge and blows up big time. One can only dream that happens on a regular basis but the storyline and plot set a deeper meaning for viewers. Drama, suspense, and everything in between, this show has you covered. Enter the life a of DJ who’s music went viral and deals with the outcomes of becoming a known DJ.

It’s up to the dance music community to decide whether this show will make it or break it. Watch the trailer for yourself and tell us what you think! Is it a better attempt than the movies that have been coming out? The show should be aired later this Fall.

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