Making the trip to EDC Vegas is one of the most important items to check off the list. While most people choose to drive to the venue, which often results being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, others have a choice of using the main shuttles EDC provides. If you’re one of those shuttle users, listen up, cause 2017 has a few changes.

To address the yearly outcries on shuttles being inefficient, EDC has banned all third party shuttles to the event, which include some companies like Unity and JusCollege. Shuttles will now have a dedicated route to get in and will have 5 pick up & drop off sites in Vegas, including The Linq, MGM Grand Hotel and more. So make sure you purchase your shuttle pass along with your EDC Las Vegas 2017 3-day pass to secure your seat.

For full details, refer to the info graphic Insomniac Events provided for attendees below:

IMPORTANT EDC LAS VEGAS ANNOUNCEMENT: To improve traffic flow to and from the festival, unofficial EDC shuttles will NOT be permitted access to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Official EDC shuttles are the only shuttles that have access to dedicated and exclusive routes to ensure you will be dropped off at the festival entrance. Shuttle passes go on sale November 28, and can be purchased with your festival pass or through our preferred hotel booking site. Anything available before that date or anywhere else is not an official EDC shuttle. – Insomniac, official Facebook page

BUY EDC TICKETS HERE15171144_10154614566836877_7794172290006291054_n

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