Since his debut, Cam Daye has been breaking in his career as a recording artist. His previous release ‘Your Eyes’ and ‘Weak’ gave this young artist a very unique mature sound in the world of pop, edm, and r&b. They both set a solid tone for the upcoming rise of Cam Daye’s stardom. Now based in Boston, Cam Daye continues his journey in 2018 with an amazing new single, ‘Could You Be The One.’

The new single takes a more soulful route with the lyrics that is jettison with a poppy, progression production that is akin to Daye’s unique style. Combining the elements of urban and EDM, Daye finds his perfect middle ground where genres can collide and compliment each. Strong production and a heavy bassline make ‘Could You Be The One’ one infectious single ahead of festival season and summertime.

Check out ‘Could You Be The One’ down below!

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