Phil and Paul Hartnoll make up the UK brotherly duo, Orbital. They were a huge influence on the early periods of rave and dance music. Orbital made huge waves in the acid house scene, especially with the release of ‘Chime’. They produced a total of 8 studio albums, of which their final album, Wonky, made the biggest impression to Orbital’s discography.

Phil and Paul announced the reunion of Orbital at the beginning of the month, despite their 2012 announcement of Orbital’s permanent disbandment in order to pursue their own solo projects. The outcome? Orbital reemerged with a brand single and music video, ‘Kinetic,’ a progressive house tune with uplifting synthesizers and breaks. They also announced a couple future performances in the UK at Forbidden Fruit in Dublin, Bluedot at Jodrell Bank, and Standon Calling in Hertfordshire.
Watch the music video for Kinetic down below!

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