Day Trip has been on a journey. The two-day Insomniac festival taking place on July 3rd and 4th was originally supposed to take place at Berth 46 in San Pedro, CA . The festival was then moved to the lot at Hollywood Park adjacent to SoFi stadium. Many people were vocal about their concerns, so Pasquale took to Instagram to address them.

The post is a photo of Pasquale sitting in front of the classic Volkswagon bus with a fishbowl in hand. His caption is a few paragraphs long as he explains to everyone that he hears their concerns and wanted to not only address them but explained why the venue for the festival changed.

After Day Trip sold out, Berth 46 was having issues providing the necessary city resources and staffing for the event. It is a Los Angeles city-owned venue. Day Trip is a big event over a holiday weekend at the tails of COVID, and the lack of resources and staff meant that Insomniac would have either had to cancel people’s tickets or change locations. They decided to go to a venue instead located in the City of Inglewood, a city that was able to provide the resources needed.

In order to accommodate people already booking their plans around the original location, Pasquale is providing free shuttles for those in hotels near Berth 46 as well as the parking fees so that anyone who drives can park for free. He assured festival-goers that the same artificial grass would be used and the extra space would allow for them to add new attractions and surprises. Most importantly, everyone would be able to attend.

At the end of his post, Pasquale let ticket holders know that he had the utmost faith that the event would deliver. If anyone had hesitation, however, they could get a refund for their ticket by contacting customer support.

Although Insomniac has been around for almost 30 years, this is the first Day Trip Fest and one of the first major events in SoCal after the pandemic. The lineup includes the likes of Doc Martin, Chromeo, VNSSA, Sofi Tucker, and many more.

With the venue being moved, the sold-out fest not has limited passes that will be going on sale this Friday at 12pm PST.

You can click here for tickets and see Pasquale’s full post below.

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