As it turns out, Pasquale Rotella will not have to serve any jail time despite being indicted for six felony counts in 2012. This comes as a result of the mishandling of evidence by the prosecution.

In 2012, both promoters were accused of paying off more than $1.8 million rot Todd Destefano, who was said to use his position to allow multiple events to be held at the LA Coliseum. It is believed that this was one of the factors that led to “the financial ruin of the Coliseum.”

According to Superior court Judge Kathleen Kennedy, who has finally found the time to oversee the case against Rotella and Reza Germani, the prosecuting attorneys were unable to handle any of the evidence to the point where she believed they may not be able to manage a case this complex. LA Times reports a second stream of prosecutorial misconduct including the new prosecuting attorneys making contact with the one previously thrown off of the case.

While Rotella and Reza Germani were originally indicted on multiple felony counts of embezzlement, conspiracy, conflict of interest, and bribery, the continuous and embarrassing moves made by the prosecution have changed some circumstances. After a no contest plea to a single misdemeanor charge, Rotella will pay $150,000 and serve three years of probation. He is set for trial against the Coliseum Commission that seeks a return of the money paid to DeStefano in November.


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