It’s not surprising that following the events that happened this past weekend in Orlando and the announcement of ISIS to perform violent acts toward non-Muslims during the Ramadan that people are concerned for their own Safety at EDCLV.

In response to the violence, Pasquale Rotella released a statement stating his solidarity with the LBGTQ community and reassuring those attending this year’s festival of their safety:

The Insomniac family and I are sending out healing vibes and positive energy to the people of Orlando and the entire LGBTQ community. In the wake of this tragedy, I’ve seen a spike in concerns about Headliner safety at EDC Las Vegas. Please know that we take this issue very seriously, and prepare year-round with local, state and federal agencies to create the safest environment for our Headliners. Not only do we secure the festival grounds, but we monitor a mile perimeter around the venue as well. People who attempt to rush the fences or sneak in will be arrested, as they have been in pervious years. We spare no expense to ensure that EDC isn’t just a magical experience, but a highly protected one as well. ????❤️☮ #WeStandWithOrlando

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Ensuring the safety of yourself and others is of prime importance of course, but for a large scale event like this, security will be vigilant to ensure the prevention of an issue.

See all of you in four days!

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