This huge EDC Vegas 2018 announcement that Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella hyped up once again is clearly going to beget some huge changes. We are now guaranteed to hear news of some big change next Wednesday, September 6th. It all started with a quick message on Instagram live, where he simply wrote his thoughts on the festival and said he’d say what’s coming; the only clue he gave here is that “it’s time to do something different.” Next, he had a short Livestream in which he told us what WASN’T going to occur- namely, no influx of hip-hop bookings or extension to a two-week experience. With the potential changes now narrowed down, the final date we need to keep in mind is the 6th, which we sure hope is an announcement that exceeds our expectations.

Stay tuned for something (hopefully) big in a week.

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