Following the release of his debut single, ‘Lose My Mind‘, Brooklyn based producer follows up with his first solo EP entitled ‘Nightwalk’. His solo harmonizing project that grew into a full blown music project with four new tracks that accompany his debut release. The EP’s second song shares the same EP title, takes listeners on an ambient walk on a cloud-like soundscape. ‘Tooth and Heart’ takes on a midnight Blade Runner-like theme showcasing Feder’s cinematic capabilities and versality as a producer. Feder’s ability to fuse together harmonious melodies with IDM experimentation carves out a great niche for adventurous electronic music listeners.

Influenced early on from his parent’s Kraftwerk cassette tapes, this childhood experience would bud into a love and journey into music that has come to fruition after years solo and band experimentation. He released his first synthpop project as Pico Fermi that drew heavily on early Daft Punk. Over the years, Paul go on to DJ at Tromba on the Lower East Side and find himself leading the sitar-infused electronica band Charcole Federation. All his stories and journey has led up to this new project under his given name.

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