What started as a solo harmonizing project, turned into jam sessions, and eventually into his upcoming ‘Nightwalk’ EP. Paul Feder breaks the silence to debut his first single ‘Lose My Mind’. A fusion of indie and electropop, Feder offers listeners a synesthetic audio experience that simply pops to listeners. Along with the single, Paul Feder and Eric Martich (aka Permian Strata) deliver a captivating music video employing unique tracks that create an incredible AV experience.

With some exploratory knob turning, I distorted the analog video signal until it bloomed into unexpected colors. I captured multiple takes of these analog effects, and then inserted the best takes into the final edit.”

Influenced early on from his parent’s Kraftwerk cassette tapes, this childhood experience would bud into a love and journey into music that has come to fruition after years solo and band experimentation. He released his first synthpop project as Pico Fermi that drew heavily on early Daft Punk. Over the years, Paul go on to DJ at Tromba on the Lower East Side and find himself leading the sitar-infused electronica band Charcole Federation. All his stories and journey has led up to this new project under his given name.

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