If Macklemore was a reggae rap group this is what they would sound like. Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are stirring up their scene with their new single ‘Never Give Up’. Out now on Buttercuts Record, the single is an homage to Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench and Spragga Benz meeting iStand following the Billboard #1 chart topping album Chilagon. Together the group met up to create something truly special that is ‘Never Give Up’

“This was originally written in the Butterhut NW10 (London) over one afternoon and gave it to Lil’ Rossco to remix. Well he made an even better song. Except iStand now sounds like a Dalek. Never one to quibble over whose oranges are juiciest when the pips are down, we are proudly releasing his version instead.” -Rebel ACA

Lil’ Rossco adds his own flavor to the completed track, giving the single its true island vibes with a banging combination of rapping, dub, and reggae. It’s funky and absolute tune to celebrate the years Rebele ACA and French Monkey Wrench have shared together as a music project that spans over 15 years.

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