You may remember the name Chris Ianuzzi from our previous coverage of his songs Infinite Prize & Setagaya. A musical mind that clearly shows no bounds in talent or genre, Ianuzzi makes music for the non-mainstreamers, the alt-streamers if you will. A quick run through and you may wonder if his songs are meant for a listening experience? Or a dancing? You’ll be surprised that once you quickly surmise the answer that you’ll be dancing to beats you never thought you’d be dancing. And that’s due to the fantastical mind of Chris Ianuzzi.

Prepping for his upcoming full-length album, Chris drops two brand new singles ‘Live In Today’ and ‘Funstastic Hellos’, the latter being a remix of ‘Hello’ released earlier this year. Quirks, bells and basslines will guide that listening ear of yours to connect with your dancing shoes as you find yourself grooving to IDM, broken beat similar to that of Squarepusher.

Check out the tunes down below!

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