Follow his previous releases that we covered: ‘Sounds from Space‘ and ‘Dolphin Trance 2’, Dylan Tauber returns with the second installment to ‘Sounds from Space’. Here he focuses on his strengths with ambient and transcending electronica that his pushed this prolific producer from Israel to the top. As you can infer from the album title, Tauber engages with his space them in various tunes that really showcase his ambient productions such as ‘Angels 2.0’, ‘Heavenly’, and ‘Earth’. ‘Ambience of India’ and ‘Indian Ocean’ showcase what you can only describe as transcending electronica. Peaceful, reinvigorating and really a moment of pause in this fast-pace, ever-changing world.

‘Lone Satellite’ comes with its own music video. The video personifies that satellite as you follow it through endless space as it orbits the Earth. The AV experience takes perspective to a whole new level as you take on the limitless nature of the universe.

‘Sounds From Space 2’ is Dylan Tauber’s 13th studio album and the artist shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Take some time to review his extensive discography that truly highlights the progression of Dylan Tauber as an artist.

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