Internationally acclaimed producer Dylan Tauber is back with his 12th full length album, ‘Sounds From Space’. You may remember him from his Dolphin Trance album we covered some time ago, but this time Tauber is explorer the existential themes beyond the Earth. He calls it a ‘self-professed investigation of the ‘cyber-spiritual revolution’. The album has some stellar tracks that capture Tauber’s ideas of the sounds of space. It also features guest vocalists, Enlia and Francessca Belisario.

11:18:16, Clouds, and Lost on Mars can be heard as a three-piece composition that perks the ears to what’s to come. Eerie, atmospheric elements echo throughout all three songs, each building on top of each other that can truly be one song altogether. Enlia lends her stunning vocals to Clouds and Lost on Mars that jettisons both tracks by tenfold.

You can find Francessca Belisario’s parts on ‘Take Me to Space’ and ‘What’s In Your Heart’. ‘The former guides us from the planet Earth and takes us into Tauber’s interpretations of what’s in the great beyond, focusing more on the percussive elements to find an adventurous rhythm. The latter takes on the love element of what it takes to embrace space travel that can be quite lonely, but shows that its not always cold in the final frontier.

‘Sounds From Space’ is available for streaming now!

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