Multi-Grammy nominated producer Kaskade officially released the remix package of “We Don’t Stop” today via Warner Bros. Records / Arkade. Penned by Elk Road and BURNS, fans are treated with two distinct reworks from dance music’s finest young talents.

With vocals by the dance music titan himself, “We Don’t Stop” is an anthem dedicated to Kaskade’s loyal fans who have been in the trenches of the electronic music scene since day one.

Kaskade Says,

“If I had to pick one song that describes the overall theme of my latest album it would be ‘We Don’t Stop.’ It’s a shout out to all my fans who have been listening to my music before it was ‘cool.’ We used to be the outsiders, and we were okay with that. It’s mind-boggling how far dance music has come. We’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.”

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