No matter how big a musical act gets in their lifetime, they have had to deal with playing to an empty crowd at some point in their career. Dedication to a purpose greater than just playing for a mass of people is what drove some of the best individuals and bands of our time to become the legendary figures they are now. Considering all of this, it can be a bit concerning and strange when a well-established act does not get the crowd they’ve come to deserve; this happened to LCD Soundsystem at T in the Park this past weekend.

After their dynamic comeback at Coachella and a chain reaction at other festivals to follow, the band must have been tad bit blind sighted by the less-than-ideal turnout at their show. Regardless of this, reports say that they did an amazing job playing their set out. Tweets rolled in from every corner condemning this generation for failing to appreciate their music, but considering the conflicting act Red Hot Chili Peppers and the terrible weather that made going to their set more cumbersome than normal, this situation is more likely to have happened to anyone.

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