We have yet ANOTHER new music alert from Porter Robinson today. Another remix of ‘Get Your Wish’ from alias DJ Not Porter Robinson is now available for fans to listen to. This uplifting and upbeat party remix gives you that euphoric jump on your feet and dance to the beat feeling. You can also catch Anamanaguchi’s remix and Porter’s original version of it as well online. With every remix in this package, we hear the music and beat evolving faster and stronger. Every artist having their own flavor with their remix.

Porter Robinson also announced on his birthday, July 15th, that he has resumed working on his album, ‘Nurture’ once again. This will be this artist’s first full-length album following his highly successful and deeply culturally embedded Worlds LP. “Get your wish is a song about finding a reason to keep going, even if it’s not for your own sake,” Robinson states in a previous release. The artist has had a very busy 2020 despite the world being in shutdown the way it is. Coming off of what was praised as one of the most successful online streaming events, his Second Sky online streaming event. Fans are expecting nothing less but a wonderful work from their beloved artist and we are excited to see what Porter (or Not Porter Robinson) does with the rest of the year.

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