After announcing he’s releasing his second studio album “Nurture”, Porter Robinson has dropped the first single titled “Get your Wish” along with the official music video.

Porter explains on Twitter how he was going through a rough time a few years ago and the origin behind his new song.

โ€œI was doing really badly in 2015, 2016, and early 2017. My entire life revolved around making music, but for the first time in my life, I was struggling to make anything at all. I was desperate to make something I was proud of, but the more I struggled, the worse the problem became. I was very seriously depressed and genuinely tought my life as I knew it was over.โ€

After listening to the new song you immediately don’t recognize that it’s actually Porter singing on the track. He also Tweeted about singing through effects on the new single.

also: I’m singing through effects that artificially make my voice much much higher. At first, I did it because it made it easier to talk about painful subjects directly, and then slowly I grew really attached to the sound of that voice.

It’s meeeeeeeeeeee

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