PLSNT lands his first public release ever on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records imprint. It’s a stunningly pleasant melodic house cut that’s about as ambient as it gets. Soft piano chords invite new listeners to the sound of PLSNT and offers a moment of transcendent pause. ‘Chasing Sunsets’ appears on Purified Records compilation album, Fragments V.

Despite this being the first song the public has ever heard from PLSNT, he describes his music as transcending across genres and takes you on a sonic journey throughout multiple layers of carefully crafted productions. Landing his first single ever on Nora En Pure’s label is only the beginning for PLSNT and we can’t wait to hear more!

Listen to ‘Chasing Sunsets’ down below!

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GDE: Hi PLSNT – thanks for joining us today & welcome to Global Dance Electronic! Can you introduce yourself to our readers & share some insight on your background / journey into the industry so far? 

PLSNT: Hi everyone! I have always had a passion for music as I began playing piano at a young age and producing in high school for a senior project with a friend. While I continued on to college and subsequently crunched numbers as an accountant, I never stopped producing on the side.

When COVID hit, I reassessed my priorities and realized music was a passion that never wavered. I made it a goal to start releasing on labels, so I invested countless hours honing my craft and meeting with coaches. All of that ultimately led to this moment.

GDE: Congrats on your stunning debut single, ‘Chasing Sunsets’ – can you tell us about your inspiration for the record & how it found a home on Nora En Pure’s respected Purified imprint?

PLSNT: I want to be able to make a positive effect on people in different moments in their life — whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a party under the moonlight. Not only does this song hit the sunset mark, but I hope that when someone is stressed at work they can put on the song and instantly relax putting the stress away and continue working in a pleasant mindset.

One of my other goals was to reach people who don’t generally listen to electronic music — therefore, I focused on natural elements from a leading piano to a smooth bassline.

To be honest, I didn’t even anticipate sending them the song until one of my coaches suggested I should send it to them.  So, after his encouragement, I blindly sent it in and was ecstatic when they wanted to sign the track. This was a huge accomplishment as Nora En Pure is one of my favorite DJs and it was one of my goals to release on her label!

GDE: When it comes to your production process, what comes first when you’re mapping out the early stages of a record?

PLSNT: Definitely the melodic elements whether it’s a hook/lead or chord progression. I usually sit down on the keyboard and start playing around and improvising. There are many different techniques I use if I hit writer’s block but there is no substitute to a melody as that is what evokes emotion and is something that people remember and cling on too. While there are a lot of nuances that make a song interesting, the main ingredient needs to be there and be memorable.

GDE: What would you describe as your trademark, signature sound?

PLSNT: One of my trademarks is focusing on melody. I want people leaving a song feeling some sort of emotion. While this track was melodic house you will see that I cross into other genres.

When I DJ, I play many different genres and blend them together – but it always depends what the vibe of the crowd is. I plan on being able to play my tracks in all different settings whether it’s a chill pool set or a club groover.

GDE: To date, what’s been one of the best shows / dance events you’ve attended?

PLSNT: Might come as a surprise since they aren’t in the electronic music scene but seeing my favorite band, Toots and the Maytals, one of the founders and pioneers of Reggae. Toots’ shows were interactive while he added new flavor to his stuff. At times, he made songs I wasn’t a fan of into a fan because of a different twist he added during his concert. One of the things I loved about him was that he was able to combine elements of reggae, soul, ska, and funk all into one.

GDE: And finally, what’s next in the pipeline for PLSNT & is there any exclusive news you can share with our readers?

PLSNT: There is some new stuff in the pipeline but it’s not ready to be shared yet and I can’t wait to share with you all 🙂

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