While all policy change takes a large amount of time, the amount of signatures submitted to Amend the RAVE act has surpassed 14,000. As of last week, Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner submitted a request on behalf the founder of Amend the Rave Act (ATRA) Dede Goldsmith to have the act reviewed and clarified to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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As many know, there is plenty at stake to accomplish before the next U.S. executive administration takes office. For two years, ATRA, Dancesafe, and many other organizations have been fighting to provide the harm reduction at festivals that have been proven to prevent tragic deaths at U.S. events. Despite their proven effect, the law forbids these practices from taking place because of a general idea that they create a “safe environment for drugs.” It’s our job to prove that the benefits of sensible harm reduction outweigh the proposed risks, and there are never enough signatures to submit with the mission of amending the rave act. You can sign up here.

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