For those of us who remember the Fyre festival stories as they were being posted about, we were given two documentaries to choose from in the past week. Both Netflix and Hulu released their own version of documentaries about Fyre Fest within days a part of each other.

Whether you liked the Netflix or Hulu one better, each had elements specific to the streaming service. Netflix, in particular, zeroed in on Maryann Rolle and told her story. She was the caterer who fed everyone on the island for the festival disaster.
Like many others, Rolle never saw a dime for any of the services she provided. Not only that, but she spent her own personal money to ensure that her workers got paid.  “I pushed myself to the limits catering no less than a 1,000 meals per day,” Maryann explains. “Lots of people I know weren’t paid,” Ms. Rolle said in an interview on Tuesday. After the festival, she added, “we couldn’t find the organizers. No one answered their phones. Nothing was done for us, not until now.”
The documentary airing did something great for Rolle, however. Her GoFundMe page, which was established to try and get some of the costs back that she had lost, exceeded its goal of $123,000 by $12,000. GoFundMe themselves had tweeted about her cause, and it now seems that roughly a year later, Rolle can finally finish recovering from that financial loss.

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