It’s a good day for Ja Rule, as he was released from all charges related to Fyre Festival. The 2017 viral dumpster fire that inspired two documentaries (with one including an interview with founder Billy McFarland himself) caused a $100 million class-action lawsuit due to what unfolded. While McFarland is now serving 6 years in prison for it, a judge decided not to bring Ja Rule into the legal mess. The rapper explained he still plans on making the festival a reality, remarking with this on The Wendy Williams Show:

“If it had went off without a hitch, everybody would have said, ‘Oh, look at this great thing that they did.’ Not, ‘Ja Rule thought of it, came to them with the great idea, and they funded it.’ … “Sometimes you get in bad situations and wrong partners, as we know, and you gotta reset and do it right with the right people.”

With no legal issues to tie him down, the rapper may just try to pull this off…even though numerous individuals have and will speak out against it.

Meanwhile, McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence after pleading guilty to fraud. He’s apparently handwriting a memoir, currently titled Promythus: The God of Fyre.

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