R9, Rihanna’s newest album title, sounds like it would be the perfect landing spot for a load of new collaborations with electronic producers. Ri Ri’s catalog has consisted of almost-fully fledged dance tracks like “Who’s That Chick” and “Don’t Stop the Music,” but according to Alesso via The Daily Star, she plans on being a lot more active about targeting the world of Dance Music.

“I’ve heard she wants to take over the dance music charts, we have some mutual friends, so we’ll see what happens with that,” he tells The Daily Star. “She has the voice that fits on any record, she makes every record sound great. Whether dance, house, ballad, Rihanna can do it all. It will be great.”

Diplo confirmed the suspicion while remaining as cryptic as possible:

When R9 is to be released is anyone’s guess. When asked if the album would come out by Christmas on the Graham Norton show back in June, Rihanna simply said “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

As for Alesso, he’d also be down to work with Rihanna, too. However, he said it’s too early to know about a feature.

“We’ll see, but I would just make the most of the studio session and never ever leave,” Alesso told The Daily Star. “I’d just record vocals. I don’t care if she mumbles I would take it!”

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